UX Strategies

A Case Study On User Experience Research

Client: YIP TV

Workflow: User Experience Interface Design ( UI )


In stakeholder meetings during an interaction design project, prototypes are commonly used for creating shared representations of design ideas. It can, however, be difficult for designers and meeting facilitators to know which prototyping technique to use. In this case study we compare user interface sketches, scenarios and UI prototypes from several stakeholder meetings. The scenario did not facilitate a focus on aesthetic or ethical perspective nor did it facilitate operational perceptual issues. The prototypes did not facilitate training discussions on the overarching concept of the design, to the same extend as the sketches did provide a clear call to action strategy for the user to follow. The UI prototypes gave the broadest discussion while the user groups also approached the design differently. For example, the platform developers constantly returned to view the iteration high fidelity designs. While marketing users where comfortable with the look and feel of the low fidelity UI comps I presented. This means that the choice of prototyping technique should be made based on the composition of the group and the desired focus of the meeting.

One of the greatest problems I was able to solved during the meeting was the ability to allow users of different professional backgrounds to agreed on a desired UI for the product. Clients and designers bring different perspectives to a stakeholder meeting. The designer comes into a group of stakeholders as an outsider to their work and processes to their organization. Until the designer can assess users in relation to workflows patterns and behaviors, he/she will have a limited understanding behind how to provide the best user experience for the group.

What is the role of UX

User experience design is a set of design and web development principles with enormous potential in the 21st Century. Most UX-UI professionals regard the role of UX as,

"A holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the design of user interfaces for digital products, defining their form, behavior and content. User experience design integrates interaction design, behavioral design, industrial design, web design, ensuring coherence design, visual interface design, web development and user-centered design. User experience designers, ensure a coherent and consistent workflow across all of these design platforms."

--UX Matters Magazine


The combination between goals and accountability within the structure of your organization is one critical benchmark to understand. How do you define goals? and what set of preexisting tools characterize your processes? " I used think of myself as a one-stop shop visual designer, then without warning, my organization hired a UX expert and everything change for us."  said one notable user regarding the importance behind understanding how to properly adapt UX strategies. User experience design is often bundled with UI ( user interface design ) in an attempt to unify the roles between what the user does and how the interface allows them find and discover what they need to do. 

Within a UX workflow there is a constant opportunity for stakeholders, developers, designers and content producers to cogently organize their thoughts. When a clear mission statement is created by designing what we call first, second and third call to action strategies, the end result is a simplified UX methodology with everlasting results.   

Mission Statement Call To Action

A call to action in UX lingo is a set of instructions, based on observational user analysis feedback. Enlisting the aid of users to systematically observe, surround and explore a product in development.

  • When a user arrives on any given screen within the application, what set of instructions are there for him/her to take value upon?
  • Using static prototypes as a means to navigate UI changes and reflect changes over time. 

Flow chart UI Describing Platform Tech Stack

The goal in creating the flowchart design was to improve usability pain points for user testing services within a structure stakeholder meeting, while describing our technology stack. 


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