Qualitative Research

Client: Publishers Association

Designing a Call To Action

Client Brief


The Publishers' Publicity Association is a non-profit, professional group open to publicists of book publishing houses, as well as public relations personnel in related media. Its purpose is to raise the professional level of book publishers' publicity by conducting research into all media and by providing a meeting place for the discussion and exchange of ideas and techniques. As the lead UI-UX designer I was given a simple problem of trying to design a call to action for the user to follow. The client wanted to see a design which reflected simplicity while allowing the user to find upcoming events with ease. Working with a designer on the project, I focus on usability testing and CMS development using WordPress. Focusing on ethnography and discovery research methods I develop a process based on four essential areas:

  • User Goals
  • UI Feedback
  • Business Discovery
  • Usability Testing

User Goals

The client wanted the application UI to display a clear call to action strategy allowing users to find the events page, purchase tickets, subscribe to the newsletter and discover the book publishing blog. After gathering these essential needs from the client, I designed a clear ethnography and discovery design ( using Sketch ) to illustrate my notes to the client. Improving usability pain points for user testing services within a structure stakeholder meeting.

UI Feedback

The application UI was designed using a fully connected feature with a global navigation pattern allowing users to be fully connected to the call to action no matter where they land on the page. 

Business Discovery

Conducting a proper business discovery process with stakeholders allowed me to fully understand user pain points while designing suitable personas for the project. Researching navigational best case scenarios, allowing the quantitative process to take shape. Focusing on "How many users clicked here" and "what % of users where able to find the call to action" I was able to narrow down a clear business discovery with enormous results. 

Usability Testing

The usability testing was arranged into several research methods in able to find a unique solution addressing business goals and user needs for the product.

  • User Interviews using card sorting techniques. 
  • Video surveys with business stakeholders capturing user pain points.
  • Designing interactive tree test based on the arrangement of content within each page was an essential process I conducted with users and clients.
  • The final step was to design a low fidelity web prototype using Sketch in able to visually display usability components, based on my research notes. 


UI-UX designer and front end developer with extensive knowledge implementing web graphics, responsive mobile design, flowchart UI, wireframes and prototyping design iterations. Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Dreamweaver, Muse, Adobe XD, X-Mind, OmniGraffle and Balsamiq mockup.

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