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Rose Amor Restaurant

Internet of Things UI Device Build Using Adobe Illustrator CC

Where Hospitality Meets Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rose Amor restaurant is a revolutionary idea where the concept between hospitality services and automation technology meet full circle, in one infinite loop. The restaurant investor group aim is to build a physical hospitality environment to mimic social digital environments ie: Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. Using automation services such as internet of things devices with touch screen displays while re-creating the restaurant boutique experience are the basic building blocks behind the project.

"A client may book a table at our restaurant using a smart watch. Upon arrival, they are greeted by a larger than life UI touch screen

device with A.I voice recognition software. The holographic resemblance of a human hostess in digital form greets the visitor while

informing the patron about the experience"

Patrons may choose to have virtual conversations with other customers attending the restaurant as part of the unique boutique experience. Each table is equipped with two user interface tablets where clients may choose their meal, order drinks other or built their own menu experience. Part of the restaurant culture is the ability to build your own dinner, drinks and dessert menu by choosing from a set of customizable ingredients from a stack of predefined taxonomies.

Guest may choose to share their own menu customizations with other patrons as well as allowing each other the ability to share feedback within their social table group. By allowing customers the ability to brand their own unique experience, the Rose Amor investor group aims to reinvent the boutique dinning intimacy challenge. By bridging the gap between digital and physical social contexts inside a restaurant setting, patrons may also choose where to be seated in relation to social contexts of their choosing: Professional, networking, social, eatery, casual and private.

Building The Brand Using UI-UX Research Design

I began working with the investor group as the lead UI-UX designer by conducting research best practices. I needed to understand the big picture approach behind the project as a way to conceptualize how to provide effective design deliverables. I developed a research methodology based on conducting user personas with three fundamental principles. Drivers, Barriers and Hooks.

Drivers: What is bringing visitors to the restaurant?

Barriers: Where and why are your patrons abandoning the experience and do they fully understand the culture?

Hooks: What set of persuasive methods enable users to act, engage and come back for more?

These prototypes where build using Adobe Illustrator CC in tandem with Photoshop and Sketch. They represent months of visual design research thinking between myself and the restaurant investor group.


Mobile UI Prototype-Expanded View

Application UI Views-Mobile Devices


UI-UX designer and front end developer with extensive knowledge implementing web graphics, responsive mobile design, flowchart UI, wireframes and prototyping design iterations. Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Prezi, Dreamweaver, Muse, Adobe XD, X-Mind, OmniGraffle and Balsamiq mockup.

Technical UI-UX Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Highcharts.js E-commerce, J-Query, CMS using Drupal and WordPress including CRM tools such as Salesforce.

Design research abilities, Visio, JIRA project management, stakeholder and client management training using Agile best practice methodologies.

User Research Skills: Knowledge of usability principles and methods using gestalt cognitive psychology within an UI-UX workflow.


  • Parsons, New School For Design, NYC: BFA in Graphic & Web Design (1998-2002)
  • General Assembly, NYC: Full Stack Web Development Certificate (2015-2016)



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