UI Application Designer

Rapid Dynamic Prototyping

PALS.Info Web Project

Designed & developed interactive web applications with user centric call to action patterns for B2C desktop and mobile products. Extensive UI design knowledge using Omigrafffle as a prototyping tool and Dreamweaver. I created several  interactive UI products using Visio culled from stakeholder meetings with attention to high fidelity deliverables.

Role: Lead UX Researcher

  • Implemented fully functional design PSD prototypes into responsive web applications with mobile connectivity
  • Designed custom management dashboards to fit specific requirements within the educational  analytics marketplace
  • Implemented, created, iterated,scaled and maintained over 500+ WP web projects with server side DEV OPS components using AWS Tools. 
  • Multisite | PHPMyAdmin | MongoDB | Node.js | Unix-Apache | Angular.js | WP REST API | Bootstrap | HTML5-CSS3 Full Stack Dev Cycle 


UI Application Design




Web App Prototype Design


  • Prototype design for a web application framework with backend user connectivity dashboards across various B to C markets. 


  • The initial WordPress front facing theme for the PALS info site web app would include the use of the Admin customizer with build in widget area for drag and drop functionality. 



  • After creating and iterating these initials designs with the PALS team, I developed the back end WP CMS including the front facing design theme as well. 
  • Creating several admin, front end, DB modifications in able to fit the theme into a loosely couple API system. 



  • The prototyping phase was spread across an array of teams within the PALS ecosystem. One major challenge between the PM & the lead of  tech development for the project ( DSC ) was to maintain a daily stand up iteration workflow using HipChat. While maintaining all project stake holders up to speed within the day using stories build into Pivotal Tracker was an essential tool in the process.