Luxury Branding

B2C Product Design

Social Zines is a  Book zine publishing company wishing to make the transition to a digital ecosystem by raising private capital for an upcoming platform launch. I was hired as the lead UI-UX product designer to create several UX-UI solutions relating to branding, UX and product design. Working using agile best practices I began to draft five fundamental principles pertaining how I developed their digital strategy using Sprints for project management using JIRA to administer agile Kanban Boards. 

"Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Validate"

Empathize is the process of showcasing user personas using digital storyboarding as a means to develop a stakeholder's vision for the product's design expectations, while capturing technical requirements. I created several paper notes based on meeting the Social Zine team on several company settings as a means to capture the product's overcall mission strategy. Defining the business goals behind the product innovation pipeline where essential notes I took while learning about the business needs of the start up by conducting qualitative A/B user research with the founder and two stakeholders.

The process behind Ideation is to design an effective IA (Information Architecture) toward showcasing effective application goals for the engineering team. Using prototyping tools that are accessible in transcribing my paper notes into a high fidelity mockups is an  essential process during design thinking meetings.

Combining high fidelity Prototyping development into the process was a means to create  pixel perfect screens that best reflected the stakeholder's needs for the final product which was a mobile application Zine Store. Running two sets of User Validation  Q/A using video to record user input was a final layer I orchestrated as the lead product designer working under the leadership behind the project's lead investor.