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Tech Youth EDU is a non-profit NGO focusing on outreach and educational services for K-12 students in NYC, NJ and Baltimore. The goal of the project is to empower educators by providing state of the art resources in technology, visual design and liberal arts media. The program focuses on outreach and development in underdeveloped communities by partnering with local businesses and private equity tech firms. I began working with the TYE team as the lead UI designer, focusing on user experience research and project management. The engineering team developed a teaching assistant  A.I voice recognition program aimed at assisting educators in the classroom. In addition, the iOS and Android app would act as an in-home tutor for students with special needs who cannot attend in-person classes during the Summer.  

Design Process

The engineering team wanted the application prototype to be intuitive, smart and non intrusive to fit the user's youthful  K-12 demographic. They clearly understood they needed to partner with an UI-UX designer who would modernize the application UI by providing alternative solutions to an already existing product. I began by asking several questions to aid my thinking process of elimination while presenting these findings using iteration design strategies. 

What % of users are female v male?

Age group?

Is there a story telling narrative behind the product?

What is the intended call to action for the user?

Does the product contain a VR user strategy?

Developing user centric story telling narratives within an application UI is a formal approach I often use as part of my development toolkit. With a clear understanding behind a product aimed for  development I focused on designing a style guide prototype to suggest possible esthetic solutions for the look and feel of the app, once published.