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Social Zines Mobile App Design

The ideation process for Social Zines focused on introducing new design ideas that lead to users delight by combining quantitative research with user feedback. Developing a clear call to action end point strategy with stakeholders, I was able to understand key elements to include in the UI. I describe the process behind ideation as a simple guideline towards understand how to design a product with users need in mind. Asking the client, "What is your project about? or What is the main problem you are trying to solve"? allowed me to fully understand business needs while developing a cogent story boarding process moving forward.

Focusing on creating personas for a product without users was a challenging problem I began to brainstorm with the SZ team ahead of production deliverables. I began to think about target audience models in an effort to compile simple personas with real expectations based on how they might intend on using the app. These models (fictional) personas allowed me to drill down into demographics, users level of sophistication with the technology, UI exploration and whether my assumptions about the product where correct. 



Iteration Paper Design V1

Iteration Paper Design V2

Iteration Paper Design V3

Iteration Paper Design V4

Application UI Components

These model UI components represent several design solutions based on understanding user roles in relation to target audience needs. Social Zines core user group represents 18-35 working adults with a passion in DIY creative marketplaces. 

Component Models 

Safe Exploration

Deferred Choices

Instant Gratification 





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