May 18, 2016

Full Stack Web Worker

Profesional Development

" I enjoy working in a collaborative, passionate and talented environment where the concept of team and product  design services are maintained using UX-UI best practices"



UI-UX Designer


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I enjoy working in a collaborative, passionate and talented environment where the concept of
team and product design services are maintained using UX-UI best practices.

Outstanding critical thinking skills

In areas pertaining to UI development Design
from white board brainstorming sessions into fully functional B2C consumer products with mobile scalability application support.

Developed, designed and iterated over 300+ unique web prototypes projects.

Design Portfolio | UI UX

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Designed interactive custom management UI dashboard tools for educational research purposes.

Developed several pixel perfect web sites using HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap using a 960 grid system. .

UI-UX Designer | Researcher

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Proven ability to plan and prioritized all aspects behind building agile web application frameworks

Lead UI-UX Application Designer

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Professional { Development }

Lead UI UX Designer | Researcher

Internet Of Things UI Developer
The Rose Amor restaurant project is a B2C concept revolutionizing the restaurant marketplace by combining technology with human A.I interaction UX principles
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mobile apps

Mobile application UI-UX designer with development skills using WP REST api for connecting CMS to mobile deployment solutions

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Full Stack Web Developer


  I am a UI-UX Designer | Researcher 

The role of the UI-UX designer encompasses an array of diverse skills and services in the 21st Century. Ranging between business skills, communication, usability, development and user centric design best practices. I created the prototype below using Adobe Illustrator CC to demonstrate the set of technologies I have interfaced with while working as a UI-UX designer.  Furthermore, user centric designers need to understand the various set of technologies our products will be supporting by maintaining an open dialog with web developers, engineers and product professionals. I understand users needs in the 21st Century. 

Front End Developer Workflow Graphic UI

UI-UX technology workflow 

Client Work




Digital Picasso

UX Design | Dashboard UI | B2C E-Commerce | Luxury Brands | Enterprise UX | B2B UX Strategies | Mobile Screen Design 

I enjoy working in a collaborative, passionate and talented environment where the concept of team and product design services are maintained using UI-UX best practices.

UI-UX designer and researcher with extensive knowledge implementing digital design product solutions. Flowchart UI, pixel perfect wireframes with clickable interactive storyboarding design. Interactive and responsive rapid prototyping techniques using Sketch, InVision App, XMind, OmiGraffle, Balsmamic Mockups, Prezi and Azure. 

Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, XD and Dreamweaver. Building complex and scalable dashboard UI with ease and pixel perfect detail. 

Technical UI Front End Development: HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap front ent tools. Cloud infrastructure using Sitecore with mobile OS interactive solutions.  

User Research UX: Usability principles using gestalt cognitive best practices with qualitative design research techniques.


  • Parsons, New School For Design, NYC: Bachelor of Arts In Web Design (1998-2002)
  • General Assembly, NYC: Full Stack UI-UX Design Certificate (2015-2016)
  • General Assembly, NYC: Scrum/Agile Master Certificate (2017)

Client Endorsement


"David is very creative designer and great front end developer. Very strong WordPress theme developer. Also, very strong skills in responsive design and development In addition, David is a real team player who’s always helping others. He has great initiative and contributes beyond the official job description."

Gabriela Levit, CEO
Jacaranda Technology

"I worked with David on a WordPress site and it was a GREAT experience. He is extremely timely in his responses, patient and happy to educate. He is obviously very skilled as a developer and I would recommend him to anyone looking for dev help on a project! Can't say enough good things".

Taryn Mohoney

Freelance Visual Designer 

"David is a fantastic, smart and bright developer who is a rare gem to find online. He is a fast and reliable WordPress developer with an eye on UI-UX design".

James P

One Click Media


Hi Fidelity Prototyping Design

B2C Application UI Design

The Rose Amor team wanted a product to reflect the various cultural and diverse demographics of the restaurant. Working with two back end developers, my task was to create a hi fidelity prototype design to represent our intended business model to the restaurant investor group. The project was to create a front end web product to display catering services within the overall culture behind the restaurant business model. I worked using Adobe Illustrator CC for the flat prototype and HTML5/CSS and Javascript as well when presenting the final comp to the development team. As a UI-UX developer hybrid, I quickly began with research based on user personas and client feedback in able to aid the design process. 

Design Process:

  • User interviews 
  • A/B testing
  • Prototyping 
  • Interactive Design (browser)


UI-UX Application Design | Development

Mobile First 

As a designer, I created several interactive web applications with user centric call to action patterns for B2C desktop and mobile products. Focusing on  business presentations based on stakeholder feedback using X-Mind and Adobe Muse relating to user research design in an effort to improve workflow scenarios.

Mobile First Mobile Prototypes

Mobile First Prototypes Content Map Using Balsamiq Mockups 

Adobe CC UX designer implementing web graphics, responsive design flowcharts, wireframes and prototyping design iterations using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Muse, X-Mind, OmniGraffle and Balsamiq mockups. I enjoy solving complex design problems using Agile methodologies and quantitative research analysis. Focusing on solving user pain points while adapting to changes midstream is a strong asset I bring with me on every single project I take on. 

UI-UX Story Boarding Prototypes for Various B2C markets


UI-UX designer with experience in wire-framing with mobile first implementation using Adobe Illustrator CC & Sketch when creating interactive apps. Creating several mobile iterations screens for Social Zines was a process involving research, development and design. Designing a product with a target audience in mind ranging between 18 to 35 allowed me to focus on building a product UI that was unique and visually appealing. I began with paper prototypes culled from weekly client meetings with subsequent high fidelity prototypes.  

Social Zines UI Components

View Interactive Project



I have 8+ years of experience as full stack UI-UX developer with skills in creative project management for business to consumer products within the educational analytics marketplace. Including B2C markets for startups and financial institutions focusing on research, development and design. The web graphic (above) is from a Power Point presentation I created to illustrate the key differences between the various interdisciplinary techniques I have used in the past. 

The YIP TV web portal flowchart  (below) was a project containing several technical processes. I was given a simple task to create a single document showcasing our technology stack for future product iterations. Gathering technical requirements from marketing, development, production and investors, I created a flowchart UI based on user feedback.  The Yip TV marketing team worked using an agency style approach with specific goals in mind. I supported both marketing and development efforts, acting as a liaison while solving complex design problems by conducting a research, interviews, UI prototypes in tandem with developing WordPress web sites as a content management system for the marketing team. 


Prototype designer working across mobile and desktop environments building effective user centric experiences for consumer products using a flowchart UI concept driven approach. We used JIRA project management tools to maintain a loosely couple development workflows. I was responsible for maintaining design and documentation style guides focusing on usability best practices.  Furthermore I enjoy working in a collaborative, passionate and talented environment where the concept of team and product design services are maintained using UX-UI best practices. 

Designing development cycle processes was (as seen below) a critical benchmark I solved by understanding user needs and technical requirements. I worked using Adobe Illustrator CC while creating custom icons to illustrate basic go to market strategies based on design roles and expectations. 



I created dozens of custom made iconography designs for mobile and desktop applications. Supporting and maintaining several UI-UX patterns with attention to detail and fidelity. My design process is focused on conducting client interviews using surveys, A/B testing, card sorting, tree-testing with attention to hi and low fidelity prototype design.  

Generating user centric interviews in able to solve user pain points while implementing a process behind playful discovery are key components within my workflow. These A/B prototypes where created as part of a general layout style guide system for the YIP TV team.  The A/B test prototypes (below) where part of a process which focused on designing simple and elegant digital storyboarding scenarios incorporating specific call to action for the user. 

A/B Test Prototypes




Implemented innovative and responsive wireframe designs using Adobe Dreamweaver while partnering with full stack engineers with attention to high fidelity user experience application frameworks. Developing interaction designs in areas pertaining to content development from white board brainstorming sessions into fully functional consumer products with mobile scalability in mind.



 Application UI Developer Using HTML5/CSS/J-Query/Bootstrap/Angular.js With Dreamweaver

Lead UI-UX Developer

The customer relation manager application UI for Spiral Binding was a project I took on as both UI-UX designer and front end developer. Working with stakeholders within a structure meeting I was able to quickly capture technical requirements solving user expectations.  The goal was to design a product which focused on providing marketing teams the ability to track, record and managed internal business processes. Focusing on visual esthetics as a means to develop a process culled from understanding user needs, while delivering specific goals relating to product requirements where essential benchmarks I focused for the team.

I created a dashboard  UI providing several business solutions in key areas pertaining to customer needs. While developing the product from the ground up using front end technologies (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Angular.JS with Bootstrap and Dreamweaver) the end result was a branding UI with enormous potential for expansion using widgets as components. 


CRM Application UI Design for Spiral Binding 



Application dashboard components allowing business teams the ability to customize and brand their workflow was a key problem I solved with ease and fluidity. Designing and developing interactive web applications with user centric call to action patterns for B2C desktop and mobile products.  With extensive UI design knowledge using Adobe Dreamweaver CC with Phonegap mobile for a complete responsive design user agent. 

CRM Customizable CSS Widgets

CRM Customizable CSS Widgets allowing non technical stakeholders the ability to customize their work environment


CSS Widgets-CRM

CSS Widgets-CRM

Lead UI-UX Designer | WordPress CMS Developer

Designed interactive custom management UI dashboard tools and websites for educational research purposes. 

The PALS resource center project focused on merging several technologies while maintaining a clear design call to action. Creating several UI design patterns using WordPress.  Delivering an elegant gestalt application  was a key goal for the project. These interactive custom management dashboard tools for educational research purposes where created over time, working remotely with teams across several states. 

The end product was a combination between several pixel perfect web sites using HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap using a 960 grid system. Using WordPress as a content management system I was able to train and support non technical team members in an effort to maintain a complete product unification style guide.



Compass.web Application Design

Compass.web Application Design










Lead UI Application Designer

Developed, designed and iterated hundreds of B2C web sites with a focus on e-commerce for business startups. Outstanding workflow experience with digital prototyping, web page layout using 960 grid system, iconography and graphical user interface style guide patterns. Expertise in technical writing including public speaking with a focus on visual communication business presentations.







UI Application Components 







Design Prototypes UX-Bootstrap CSS


  • While working as a WordPress lead developer for Casenex I designed fully functional PSD prototypes in responsive web sites with mobile application connectivity support. 
  • Developing tailored  management CMS dashboards to fit specific requirements within the education marketplace. 

Lead UI-UX Designer | Researcher

YIP TV Application UI

Developed interaction design application UI  in areas pertaining to product development from white board brainstorming sessions into fully functional consumer products with mobile scalability in mind. Re-designing existing B2C products for YIP TV in an effort to streamline production services was an essential benchmark I solved for the group. The marketing team wanted to use a backend dashboard tool to allow them to quickly make  business changes on the fly. 









Lead Production UI Designer