Design Thinking

UI Research Portfolio Agile Design Process The UI-UX roadmap is paved with several essential benchmarks which are useful to understand for those of you non-technical and client hiring manager teams. UI ( User Interface ) and UX ( User Experience ) design are a set of fundamental principles within software development, allowing for the design[…]

User Experience Design

#DSC79UI Follow Me On Twitter Connect Mobile First UI Design Recently during a client conference call I was asked the following question: “How do you transcribe or present user experience ideas to a stakeholder who is working remotely”? I began to think about the question as a way to inform myself about the specific need[…]

UI Devices

Internet Of Things Restaurant Application UI UI-UX Portfolio Rose Amor RestaurantInternet of Things UI Device Build Using Adobe Illustrator CC Where Hospitality Meets Entrepreneurial Spirit Rose Amor restaurant is a revolutionary idea where the concept between hospitality services and automation technology meet full circle, in one infinite loop. The restaurant investor group aim is to[…]

User Experience Research

Project: Business Seminar JIRA Agile Coach Design Portfolio Modernizing Govt Workflows Working for the Government as a lead UI-UX designer and researcher contractor I was given the opportunity to modernize and streamline several internal workflows. I collaborated with graphic designers, art direction services, blog and economic editors within a research and publication environment. Designing effective[…]

UI UX Style Guides

Iteration Portfolio UI-UX Research Design Portfolio Style Guide UX Design The role of the UI-UX designer goes far beyond understanding how to develop web sites and prototypes. I created several style guide UI personas based on specific call to actions for the user. These patterns are based on developing a B2C product for educational teaching[…]

Prototype UI Design

Design Portfolio UX-UI Designer/Developer Portfolio Compass Web Portal UI The Compass web portal was a project consisting of designing a clean user interface which focused on visual hierarchy. The Compass development team created an educational dashboard system which focused on allowing educators the ability to see their data, at a glance. My focus as the[…]

Ideation Design

Story Boarding Social Zines UI-UX Portfolio Process Social Zines Mobile App Design The ideation process for Social Zines focused on introducing new design ideas that lead to users delight by combining quantitative research with user feedback. Developing a clear call to action end point strategy with stakeholders, I was able to understand key elements to[…]

Interface Research Design

Project: Social Zines UI Iteration Design Design Portfolio Component Level Interaction Principles and Concepts The Social Zines project began on paper as a simple UI prototype with a clear call to action for mobile, desktop and connected devices (VR). SZ was conceived as a digital publication start up magazine focusing on developing a product that[…]

UX Strategies

A Case Study On User Experience Research Client: YIP TV Workflow: User Experience Interface Design ( UI ) Abstract In stakeholder meetings during an interaction design project, prototypes are commonly used for creating shared representations of design ideas. It can, however, be difficult for designers and meeting facilitators to know which prototyping technique to use.[…]

Iconography Design

The art of Iconography design is a vital component in application development. Icons are used by designers to describe the story of an application, inform users while teaching them how to navigate around the app

JavaScript Fundamentals

In Part One of our fundamental JavaScript tutorial for K-12 education students, including web designers we explored core basic principles. Today I will go over the difference between comparison operators in relation to equal versus identical operators

Why Learn JavaScript

This article is part one in a series of entries for our upcoming technology podcast covering design and technology for #CTTDC. As a front end web designer, I use Javascript in a variety of projects where interactivity is needed. For new designers, the only valuable question to ask is